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 “Bibliotheca” is a colaborative project made by professor Amir Brito Cador (School of Fine Arts – EBA/UFMG). It is an artistic project and at the same time an academic research about artists’ books and its relationship to the idea of a “visual encyclopedia”.

The project is an exhibition as a result of an academic research. Some books discussed in my doctoral thesis, will take part in an exhibition at the library of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) and after the exhibition, they will become part of the special collection of artists’ books held by the library of the School of Fine Arts (Escola de Belas Artes – EBA).

In my thesis, the artists’ books are grouped in 12 themes, chosen to discuss how is it possible to make a Visual Encyclopedia as an artistic project. The titles of some chapters are taken from books of literature and science, philosophy and arts, like “The Archeology of Knowledge”, “Grammatology”, “Ars Memoria”, “Palimpsests” and “Fictions” (after Michel Foucault, Derrida, Frances Yates, Gerard Genette and Jorge Luis Borges).

I want to discuss about 180 books, and many of them are not available in bookshops, museums or galleries in Brazil. I need 96 books to complete the inventory. The project wants to give to artists and researchers the opportunity to have primary information, to get in touch or to see these books, not only their reproduction in the pages of another book.

The library of the School of Fine Arts (EBA/UFMG) has a special collection of artists’ books, with approximately 200 books. It is the first collection of this kind inside the university in Brazil, and it is the first in a brazilian public library. Founded in 2009, it is a public non-circulating library, and the books will remain accessible to the interested public and scholars.

I am looking for donations of books discussed in my thesis. Here is a list of the books needed

If you want to collaborate, please send your submission to the following address:

Dep. Desenho
A/C Amir Brito Cador
Av. Antonio Carlos, 6627
Cep 31270 901, Belo Horizonte, MG – Brasil

The chapters are like entries in an encyclopedia:

The Archeology of Knowledge
To think and to classify
Lists and inventaries in artists’ books
Ilustrated dictionaries
Metaphors for the knowledge
Guides and manuals
Poetic Science
From cabinets of curiosities to the museum

The collector
Paper Museum
Museum without walls
To archive
To colect

The Art of the Memory
Ars combinatoria
Parataxe and juxtaposition in artists’ books

Allegory of the thelogians and the poets
Allegoric images

Visual poetry
Calligraphy and typography

The limits of the book
The space of the book
Books about nothing
Self-referential books

On reading
The context determines the reading
Alegories of the reading
Image and caption

Altered books
The book as translation
Books within books
Copy, plagiarism, continuation

Ficticious Museums
Non-existent works
Non-existent authors
Autorship and originality
Between document and fiction
False catalogues

The World on Paper

Reproductive technologies
Printing process as a result of a poetic choice

Encyclopedism in artists’ books

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